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About Me

You don’t have to tell kids what life is all about. They already know that having fun and feeling good is what it’s all about. The truth is, this really is what life is all about and somewhere along the way most of us lose sight of this truth.

I have always known this truth. Unfortunately, those around me did not share my thoughts on what life is all about. Life, they told me, was not about me. Too much having fun and feeling good meant I was lazy or not ambitious or just up to no good.

What Kind of Life is That?!

Having fun and feeling good are a NECESSARY part of expressing and experiencing the kind of life we all dream of living, even at a most basic level.  Feeling love, feeling happy, feeling like you are doing what you should be doing… if that was all you ever experienced, what kind of life do you think that would be? I think it would be an amazing life, and by an amazing life I mean yes please and thank you!

It makes sense to me to live, work, and play within an axiom that says:

  •  It must be fun and…
  • It must feel good.  What a life!

That is the life I see myself living. That is the life I feel myself living. My name is Alan Grant which is really convenient because most people call me Alan Grant. I live in West Michigan, USA with my wife, two cats, and a Universe of endless possibilities. Within those possibilities I created

I Took The Scenic Route

My journey here began right after I graduated high school…   Continue Reading  >


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