Get Inspired and Find Your Path of Abundance

To attract something you match yourself to the vibration or energy of it and consistently experience the feeling of that vibration/energy

  • Getting inspired is finding and feeling that vibration or energy
  • Getting inspired ideas is something that comes to you with the vibration/energy of it already attached
  • Your path of abundance is created by the actions you take that vibrate with that energy is about helping you Get Inspired and Find Your Path of Abundance

  • Learn to recognize inspiration – find the vibration/energy
  • Figure out what inspires you – what are you inspired to be, do, or have?
  • Discover the magic of inspiration by learning what to do with your inspired ideas.  This is a life-changing moment when you experience the magic of manifesting and see it happening before your eyes!

This website is as much about my journey as it is yours.  What you’ll find here are many of the things I do myself every day.  These are the things I read, watch, and listen to as I follow my path of abundance.

I invite you to join me and discover your path.

Alan Grant


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