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Free Audio Book – The Science of Getting Rich

I really love free stuff, especially when it’s useful and something I would have paid for if it weren’t free!

I am a huge fan of audio learning so it’s a special treat to snag good free audio to add to my iPod.  I listen to my iPod while I work at least 4 days a week.  I listen to music (always good) or comedy (I like to laugh) lots of podcasts (I love to learn) and audio books (I really love to feed my mind).

The Science of Getting Rich is one of those books I have paid for in book form and would have paid for in audio form if I didn’t find it FREE!  More about that in a second – but if you can’t wait – scroll to the bottom of this post and find the link.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles was published in 1910 and is still thought of as one of the classics in personal development.  The book is divided into 17 short chapters that explain how to overcome mental barriers, and how creation, not competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction.

This book should be on your nightstand and part of your daily or nightly routine – or on your mp3 player and listened to regularly.

In case you don’t know, The Science of Getting Rich was credited by Rhonda Byrne as one of the inspirations for her popular 2006 film and 2007 book The Secret.

Now The Free Part…

Not long ago I found a free audio version of The Science of Getting Rich.  Unfortunately I could barely understand the audio since it was read by someone with a heavy accent that was difficult to understand.  Not very useful, but I still managed to listen to it several times.

Then, last week I was looking for new podcasts on iTunes.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of free podcasts on iTunes.  If you don’t already have iTunes you can get the free download link below.  While browsing the categories I found it, a free audio recording of The Science of Getting Rich, and it is read by someone I can easily understand!

Of course I snagged a copy and put it on my iPod, and now I’m sharing the link with you with hopes that you go get it and use it!  It will only benefit you if you use it.

Free Audio Version of The Science of Getting Rich

You’ll need iTunes – download free:   You’ll also need an iPod or other Mp3 player, or you can play this on your computer or burn it to CD.  Your choice.

IMPORTANT: I can’t say how long this link will or will not be good so I suggest you get over there and snag your free copy now.   If the link doesn’t work now please contact me

Want to read it instead?

?  Have you seen any other good free audio books or ebooks online?  Please leave a comment or contact me so I can share it with everyone.


Free, For A Price

Free, for a price – what is the cost of abundance?

Chances are you believe you have a good understanding of what the word free means.  Chances are you’ve never actually looked up the definition of the word free.  I just did and found 36 variations of how the word free is used and defined.

In no case did any definition say, suggest, or imply there are strings attached to something being free.  If you look around at what online and offline marketing is doing with the word free you will see there are always strings attached to the condition of something that is supposed to be free.

I am guilty of advancing this concept myself.  I have several websites.  On I used to invite visitors to download free ebooks.  The cost was an email address to get the book, and follow up emails.

On another website,, I have an entire page of freebies, giveaways, and contests where visitors can win free things like an Apple iPad 2 or a Vizio 42″ HDTV.  There is always the cost of at least an email which almost always includes daily emails filling up your inbox while you wait for the notification to see if you won.

Side note:  I have removed the email requirement on all free ebooks on my site so they are now truly free.  Just click, download, and enjoy.  Links added at the bottom of this article.

When I was younger free meant free.  “Gee thanks mister” and on your way you went.  Somewhere between there and here we started asking “what’s the catch?”  I bet you remember saying that, don’t you?  What’s the catch became the normal given response to something that was free.  There was usually a catch.

Then along comes an acceptance of the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”  I believe this saying is more harmful than anything.  There is actually a world of good and most of it sounds too good to be true, but it is true.  Caution, hesitation, and doubt keep that good away from you.

For anyone who is or can become conscious of it, there is an abundance of all good things

This sounds too good to be true but it is probably one of the few actual facts of life.  There is gravity.  There is this life experience.  There is also an abundance of all good things available to anyone who is conscious of it.

These days the use of the word free has an entirely different meaning, or does it?

In the context of marketing there is no such thing as free anymore.  There is always a cost.  There is always a price to pay.  In fact, I’m calling on whatever authority is authorized to look at this to do one of two things:

  • Redefine what the word free means because it is not used as defined – or –
  • Come up with a new word to be used in place of the free people are using these days.  I suggest STREE – a combination of strings and free because there are always strings attached.

Even the Universal abundance available to everyone has strings attached.  Say what?!  Yes, everything you ask for is already yours, but there is a price:

The price you pay is asking.  You have to ask.  You have to have desire.  Lucky for us we are born with desire burning bright inside of us.  You have to want it, not because you don’t have it but because you know it is already yours and having it enhances and enriches your life experience.

The price you pay is believing.  You have accept that what you desire is yours and allow it to be.  Believe.  Know that it is yours.  Be or become conscious of it.  You have to know the wealth is yours and be conscious of it.  You have to know the good health is yours and be conscious of it.  You have to know all the love in the world is yours and be conscious of it.  You have to know that every good thing is already yours and your consciousness of it brings it to you.

How do you become conscious of what you want before you have it?  Feel it now.  See yourself experiencing all you desire as if it is already yours (because it is) and feel the feeling of it.  Visualize it.  Enjoy the feeling.  Have fun with the images.  Remember that feeling.  Feel it often.  Give thanks for it.  That feeling is love.  That feeling is gratitude.  If you do that and do it often and don’t stop doing that your outside experience will have to change (it will have no choice) to reflect those inside images.

The price you pay is receiving.  Everything you want is yours so ask for it, believe it is yours, and let yourself receive it and enjoy it.  Enjoy the abundance.  Share it.  Live it.  Love it.

Everything you can ever want is your and it’s free, for a price.  Are you willing to pay?

– – –

Free ebooks from Abundance Inspired – and by free I mean go to the page, click the link, download the book and enjoy.  No email needed.  No strings attached.

The Master Key System – This book is divided into 24 sections with exercises in each section to train and develop your “right thinking” and visualization skills.  This is a classic in the field of personal development and highly recommended.

As A Man Thinketh – Another classic in personal development, As A Man Thinketh is an essay of James Allen, published in 1902. The title is influenced by a verse in the Bible from Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Freebies, Giveaways, and Contests – if you are interested in winning electronics and other goodies like cash and gift cards check out the “freebies” page on my other website.  You will have to surrender an email address and sometimes a full street address (strings attached) to enter these giveaways but if you like to win stuff why not?  I suggest you read the page for tips on getting a new email address just for contests.

Intoku – Good Done In Secret

Earlier today an old classmate of mine indirectly told me about this, and as I told him, it immediately rang a bell inside me.  It instantly stuck me as something in perfect alignment with the things I believe.

I had to learn more about this and so then and there I started searching online for information.  Besides doing some necessary chores today it has consumed my day and I am happy for that.  Thanks Ken!

Intoku, as I understand it, is Japanese (noun) that means good done in secret, specifically the act of doing good secretly, for its own sake.

This is about doing something good and expecting nothing in return.  No thanks, no reward, no accolades, no nothing except the joy inside you for doing good.

This kind of action really speaks to the concept of you get what you give from and to the Universe.  I believe this is also the type of giving that most Law of Attraction teachers talk about – giving for the sake of giving because it feels good with no expectation of return.  It’s the kind of action that starts and keeps the flow of abundance going through you.

I have written in the past about gift giving and how, if it is truly a gift, you don’t need to hear “thank you” because the joy and gift of giving is the giving.

I have thought about this often as I see medical buildings donated and named after this wealthy person, or sports arenas named after that wealthy person, or charities named after the other wealthy person.  I’m sure most of us would get a thrill to see our name on something significant, something that betters society, and I certainly don’t fault them for what they have done.  A medical building donated with a name attached is as good as any, and surely better than nothing.  This, however, isn’t gift giving.  It’s trading.  They are trading money for a name on a building or bridge or charity.  Giving, in the spirit of Intoku, does not get a name attached.

There was a story today on the news about a “secret Santa” going to stores and paying off people’s lay away purchases without being named.  That is Intoku.  Whoever did this has not and hopefully will not step forward and say, “it was me” but rather will glow from inside knowing they have touched so many lives in a good way with a secret act of kindness.  Intoku.

Intoku Challenge:

I challenge you to do two things this holiday season…

Number one is to spread the word about this challenge so that more people read it and do it, and then…

Go do some good done in secret, and glow inside knowing you have brought more love into the Universe

Alan Grant

Do You Like What You See

[ D ] Edgar Degas - Madame Jeantaud in the mir...

Image by Cea. via Flickr

Life is a mirror.   The mirror never lies.  Do you like what you see?

Since we attract what we experience through our thoughts and actions, and since there is a time delay before you will see evidence of your current thoughts and actions, you can say that your life reflects your past thoughts and actions.  Life is a mirror reflecting back your past thoughts and actions. That’s basic Law of Attraction stuff.

You can and you should use your mirror to judge IF you need to adjust your thoughts and actions.

  • If you are experiencing the things you love, keep thinking and doing what you are thinking and doing and you will keep experiencing the things you love.  Be grateful and keep on keeping on.
  • If you are not experiencing the things you love you can see that just by looking at your life and being honest about what you see.

Are your relationships loving and supportive, and is this what you want from them?   Are your living conditions comfortable and safe, and is this what you want from them?   Is your financial experience abundant and giving, and is this what you want from it?  Do you even know what you want?

We don’t all want the same things.  Knowing what you want will help you know if the pictures in the mirror of your life are what you want to see.  Not knowing what you want causes confusion when you look.  Not knowing what you want leaves you at the mercy of whims and fads and other people’s perception of what you should see.

The only thing you should see in the mirror of your life is what you want to see.  There is no such thing as “that’s the way it goes.”  If you don’t like the way it’s going you have the power to change it.

The mirror never lies.  The only falseness to the picture is the lies you tell yourself about what you see.

Know what you want.  Be honest when you look at what you are getting.  Be grateful for what you are getting.  Be willing to do something different to make a change.  It all beings with thought.  It all comes from inside you.

You can do this.  Begin at once.

Alan Grant

Will This Change Your Life?

The First Thanksgiving Jean Louis Gerome Ferris

Image via Wikipedia

I love to learn new things and have always been something of a sponge for information.  The public library was one of my favorite hangouts right after graduating high school.  I actually didn’t discover this thirst for information until after I was out of school.  Unfortunately, school teaches us reading, writing, and arithmetic, but it doesn’t teach us how to think.  It doesn’t teach us how to become conscious of the things we really desired like love, joy, and a lifetime of happiness.  We have to go learn that stuff on our own.  Also unfortunate, some of us never learn it, hardly experience it, and usually end up wondering where the joy, love, and happiness is.

More than 30 years after I began looking for answers on how to become conscious of joy, love, and a happy life, the Secret was put in front of me.  I have said it before and it is true, the Secret (movie, book, and audio book) changed my life.  Here’s how…

I remember when I was a child waking up Thanksgiving morning.  I could smell the food already cooking.  I can close my eyes right now and still smell my mother’s amazing cooking!  Heavenly!  It is without a doubt still my favorite food day of the entire year, and I feel blessed to experience that.  Throughout that day I could see the evidence of the meal we were preparing to sit and share.  The smells, sights, and sounds made me drool with anticipation.

To me, the Secret is the smells and the sights and sounds of the meal being prepared Thanksgiving morning, but it’s not the meal itself.  The meal is the abundance of information that the Secret leads to.

The Secret changed my life because it made me hungry for the knowledge that allows me to live the life I’ve always dreamed of living, a life of joy, love, and happiness.  I fill myself up with it every chance I get, and the more I take in and awaken to, the more I want.  The good news about wanting more and more is that I can be as greedy as I want because there is a world of information waiting for me to discover, and I can have as much as I desire.  We all can.

There are 29 teachers listed in the back of the Secret book.  So far I own material from 8 of them and have read, watched, and learned outside of the Secret from many, many more.  I read, watch, and listen on a daily basis to people who inspire me to awaken to my greatness.  The Secret can change your life too if you tap into the wealth of information the Secret teachers have to share with you.  If you want to feed yourself even better than the best Thanksgiving meal you can imagine, begin and don’t stop reading, watching, and listening to those who inspire you to awaken to your own greatness.

What have you read, watched, or listened to that changed your life?

Alan Grant

Welcome To The Universe

You Thanking the Universemay also know me as Source, Divinity, Spirit, a Higher Power, Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence, God, or many other names.  It doesn’t matter what you call me, I am here to help you get what you want.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what anyone else has told you, or how you think your life is going at this very moment — if you want something I will help you get it.

If you follow my guidance you will get everything you desire.  I guarantee it.  It is one of my Laws and I am the Universe.  I made the Laws.  Just like gravity.  In fact, my Law says…

You can Be, Do, or Have Anything, and I will gladly help you BE it, DO it, or HAVE it.

As soon as you make a choice I am already going to work for you, and your desire can be big or small or anything in between.

As soon as you are ready and able to receive your desire, it is yours.  I will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it so you will be ready and able to receiver your desire.

What’s the catch?

  • The catch is you have to believe me.
  • You have to expect what you want.
  • You have to feel right now what it feels like to already have what you want right now.
  • You have to let me show you the way toward receiving what you want
  • You have to act on the guidance I give you – it will lead you to what you want.

If you are ready to get started please state your desire and I will begin at once.

Uncertain?  Don’t know what you want?  No problem, I will help you figure it out.  Just ask me, “what is my joy?” and I will guide you toward it.


The Universe