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Turning Sadness Into Joy

Esther Hicks

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How to turn the corner when you lose someone you love.

A few years ago my wife and I traveled to Chicago to see Esther, Jerry, and Abraham at a day-long seminar and it was an amazing experience.

I still listen to Jerry, Esther, and Abraham every week as part of my continuing education on feeling and sharing joy and love in life.

When we heard the other day that Jerry Hicks has left the physical world it hit me.  The sadness.  My wife said she got goose bumps when I told her.  Jerry’s physical presence in this life added so much value and gave so much more life to so many people searching for answers just as Jerry had done when he met Abraham many years ago.

No matter what we’ve learned on what we are and what really happens when we “die” it hits you with a touch of sadness to know that you can’t reach out and physically touch Jerry Hicks any more.

I know what it means to walk in life next to someone you love – someone who brings more life to life.  I know what it would mean to me to lose my wife, so I have a good idea what Esther must have felt to have him go.

At a time like this you really just want to lay down and cry.

My feeling is that it is okay to just lay down and cry.  Feel the sadness for the loss.  Say the things you would have said if he were there in front of you.  Thank you Jerry, for bringing more life to life.

Have your cry, then get up and turn that sadness into joy.  Know that Jerry is always as close as your willingness to think and feel.  You can always know he is right there nearby when Abraham speaks.  You can always still feel him bringing more life to life and smile as you feel the joy of his sharing.

Jerry is physically gone from this world but he will never be gone from life itself.

“Since 1985 it has been Jerry and Esther and Abraham and I believe with everything that I am that that has not changed. I know that Jerry will continue to be the third powerful point of the triad of Energy that makes up the Abraham experience and I am certain that his new vantage point will be, as it has always been, of advantage to us all.”

Esther Hicks

We love you Jerry!

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